Priti is a self-confessed lover of food, cooking, working out, watching crime and supernatural serials and carom (not necessarily in that order). She’s also a lover of animals and little children; and gets immense joy helping the underprivileged – especially children. Alternate reality (sorry to disappoint, but not the digital kind) fascinates Priti and she’s a huge believer in things beyond.

Priti likes to be happy (who doesn’t), so doesn’t let most things and people bother her. She likes to be with people who make her laugh; and can’t stand people who are full of themselves. (So stay away, if you’re one.)

Now here’s where the inspiration for Curry-Nation comes from – Priti is very, very proud of India and specially the textured nature of its food and people. She hates when pseudo intellectual sorts have anti India viewpoints.

All in all Priti is happy at the agency called Curry–Nation.

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