Nagessh’s philosophy is: ‘Live to fill the years with life, not to fill life with years.’

He’s a person, doing person things.

Having seen so much in life Nagessh understands the importance of being a good human being; and of listening and observing – the said and the unsaid.

Nagessh is a wanderlust. Till today he doesn’t know what he wants to achieve. But strangely, he knows what he wants to do.

Nagessh stumbled upon advertising serendipitously and it continues to throw up surprises and new experiences, even to this date after 16 long years. It lets him be an explorer, a creator, a judge and a warrior – all at the same time.

At curry-nation there’s never a dearth of fun, food and freedom – the three primary reasons for existence for most human beings, and also for curry-nation as an agency.

All these are available in varied textures. So the spicier the food, the spicier is life for Nagessh.