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Raddi pe chaddi


Making booklets from used printouts with covers from old table calendars and greeting cards that we got. Our contribution towards a happier tomorrow will continue.

Bhagwan tera bhala karein

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A Curry–Nation initiative to drive corporate consciousness among Advertising, Film production, Marketing and Media professionals. We are the people who have the money and who want to give to charity but we often get a little laid back in our every day work lives. All we need is a little nudging Bhagawan Tera Bhala Kare is that nudging Donation dabbas painted by underprivileged night school children of Masoom. accompanied with posters that will give you many small small happy reasons to donate. All you need to do is just place the dabbas in your office. It does not matter how much you put. It matters you put something in. When the dabba is filled your organization can donate to the charity or cause of choice.

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